FAQs for Teachers and Staff

Yes, all current teachers will be offered contracts with the new schools and thereafter as decided by each school’s leadership.

Teachers will receive comparable, if not better, benefits through enrollment in the City of Newberry’s benefits programs.

Yes, any teachers who are paying into the teacher retirement system will maintain those benefits and continue to receive them through the newly converted public charter school.

Projected budgets will allow for an immediate pay increase of 3% and fiscal responsibility and management is projected to allow the new “district” to offer the most competitive pay in North Central Florida, plus bonuses for experience.

The teachers will be paid through the city of Newberry, as the manager of the new schools.

Support staff who the district provides to multiple schools would need to be hired by each school, but support services are included in the projected budget and the new district would likely get more dedicated service to fewer students, not less.

If the schools convert, the proposed leadership structure is:

  • System Wide:
    • Superintendent
    • Assistant Superintendent for Finance
    • City of Newberry Support Staff:
      • Human Resources
      • Finance
      • Facilities
  • School-based:
    • Existing structures remain in place
      • Principal
      • Administrative Leadership Team
      • Teachers
      • Support Staff

The Governing Board is the Charter School counterpart to a school board, and has many duties and responsibilities which are required by law. Our proposed outline is located in the "what is a Governing Board" section of the FAQs.

  • Yes! All current staff will be offered a position to begin the new school year in 2025, should they choose. 

  • State statutes determine who can vote for this initiative. Newberry Education First loves and values our non-instructional staff and does not have control over who can vote on this question.

  • Florida law states that charter schools must either have guardians or law enforcement while school is operating. The schools will continue to contract with ASO to provide school resource officers for each school.

Yes Newberry