Finances FAQs

The school buildings remain property of the Alachua County School Board but will be maintained and used by the Newberry public charter schools.

The intention is to keep most of these items in the school. As is stipulated by state statutes, the exact details will be negotiated after the vote, between the schools and the Alachua County School Board.

Yes. The Newberry school system, under local community leadership and in cooperation with the City of Newberry could decide to make improvements to facilities based on budgetary discretion. If leadership and the community decided to build new facilities, funding options would be considered which could include existing federal and state funding pools or the creation of additional revenues.

No new taxes or tuition will be required. Charter schools are funded through the Florida Education Finance Program in the same way as all other public schools in the district. Meaning that state funds stay with the student. Charter schools are statutorily not allowed to charge tuition or registration fees. They can apply for additional funding through federal grants. (

The City Commission of Newberry will serve as a temporary “board” for the new “district” and hire an experienced “superintendent” to lead the effort. The commission would then seek public input as to the best structure going forward, be that an appointed or elected local school board or continuing under the city model.

Technically, no. But all three schools would be under joint leadership and unified policies and budgets, operating for all intents and purposes as a local “district” or system of three schools under local leadership.

When a charter is not renewed or is terminated, any unencumbered public funds from the charter school reverts to the district school board; all district school board property and improvements, furnishings, and equipment purchased with public funds automatically revert to full ownership by the district school board subject to complete satisfaction of any lawful liens or encumbrances.

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