How does the vote work?

Step 1:  Distribution of the Ballots 

Each school principal is in charge of printing and distributing ballots to each family and teacher. 

Each household will receive one ballot regardless of the number of students residing in the household, and if a student has two households, only the enrolling or primary parent receives a ballot.  All teachers who are “staff members assigned the professional activity of instructing students in courses in classroom situations” and are employed for more than half of each school day will be eligible to vote. 

Step 2: Returning Your Ballots 

Ballots can be returned to the school in person, where you’ll provide proof of identity and place your secret ballot in a secure box. 

Ballots can also be mailed in, by putting the sealed ballot in another envelope, signing the seal of the outside envelope, and mailing the ballot to the school. The parent must include identification on the outer envelope such as a return address to ensure only one ballot is submitted per household. If the ballot is submitted improperly, it will not be counted. 

Step 3: Counting the Ballots

As soon as possible, but not more than three school days after closing the ballot, a public meeting shall be held in which an independent arbitrator, selected by the agreement between the school administrator and the applicant, will unseal the teacher and parent ballot boxes and count the ballots aloud in the presence of meeting attendees. Each vote shall be tallied by the independent arbitrator.

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