Students & Zoning

All current students currently enrolled in the three schools will automatically have the option to attend the new schools and can remain in the system through high school graduation.

The new leadership, with parent, teacher and community input, will determine the eligible geography to be used, starting with guaranteeing the city of Newberry and city of Archer residents, and moving out geographically from there until capacity is reached for each school based on 2025 enrollment.

Therefore, it cannot be exactly known how far out geographically the new area will reach, but based on current numbers the estimate is between 6-9 miles.

No. All students currently enrolled will be enrolled in the first year of the new school. Enrollment after that will be determined by the new leadership, with parent, teacher and community input, starting with the city of Newberry and city of Archer, and moving out geographically from there until capacity is reached for each school.

The overcrowding will not be solved immediately because we are proposing to allow current students to stay in the system through high school graduation. Incoming NES kindergartners will, however, see an improvement immediately.

Over time, new student admissions to the schools will be limited to the geographic area set by the school system leaders, calibrating the area to bring capacity down to 100% or very close, and reducing class sizes to comply with state standards or better.

This means that over the coming years, some children currently living in areas zoned for these schools but not yet attending them (younger children) will no longer be automatically admitted. They will still have the option to apply if there is capacity or in specialized magnet programs. There can also be a sibling and family preference applied for those who may be at Archer Elementary with siblings at OVMS and NHS.

Students residing in the geographic areas for the schools will be automatically eligible to attend. Students outside the geographic area would have to apply, and may be eligible for special programs such as vocational and magnets, should those be created at each school.

Newberry District and school leaders will make this decision, but the intention is to return the fifth grade to the elementary school as soon as practical.

No. Charter schools are legally not allowed to charge tuition or registration fees.  (s.1002.33(9),F.S.)

City of Archer students will be automatically eligible to attend Oakview Middle School and Newberry High school after leaving Archer Elementary School. Archer Elementary School would continue to be an Alachua County Public school.

Yes. The state already has established requirements for class sizes, which are supposed to be: 18 students in prekindergarten through grade 3; 22 students in grades 4 through 8; and. 25 students in grades 9 through 12. However, under Alachua County School Board leadership, we have not been able to attain those sizes. Under this new arrangement, Newberry schools will be able to set and follow these class size standards.

Yes, it will be continued and will be funded by already available state and federal funding.

A major benefit of the conversion to a public charter school is the ability for parents, teachers, and school leadership to choose the curriculum which best reflects its students. The parents, teachers, students and administrators – have a say in the types of instructional methods, materials, and programs. Most importantly the methods are flexible.  

  • The new schools will be subject to all state and federal standards for other public schools. The new element will be that under local leadership, each school’s principal, leadership team and teachers will have tremendous flexibility to build curriculum which meets the unique needs of the students in our community. 

Florida State Statutes - 

Just like students attending a district-run public school, charter schools students must take standardized state exams (like the FSA) and meet federal academic standards.

Yes Newberry