Will my student with special abilities and accomodations be served under the new system?

  • The level of ESE services delivered at the schools will not change. Charters must participate in the District’s ESE level of service plan. ( per statute) 
  • Per state statute, Section 1002.33 Subsection (10) – Eligible students (f): Students with disabilities and students served in English for Speakers of Other Languages programs shall have an equal opportunity of being selected for enrollment in a charter school;

As the charter school Local Education Agency, a school district also has responsibilities to students with disabilities attending a charter school. Per Section 1002.33 Subsection (20) – Services (a)1. A sponsor shall provide certain administration and educational services to charter schools… including exceptional student education administration services.

Administrative services include:

  • Initial evaluation for ESE placement
  • Professional development related to IEP development
  • Access to any electronic IEP systems or forms
  • ESE training
  • Appointment of staffing specialist

Other supports and services as agreed to by the charter school and the district, such as…Subsection (17) – Funding (c) If the district school board is providing programs or services to students funded by federal funds, any eligible students enrolled in charter schools in the school district shall be provided federal funds for the same level of service provided students in the schools operated by the district school board. (flcharterschool.org )

Yes Newberry