Great schools for a great community.

Newberry parents, teachers, staff and citizens know how special our community is...

...but keeping our schools great is a challenge with increasing pressure on teachers, large classes, too many portables, mandates from a large and disconnected county school board, divisive politics and local needs that are going unmet.

Thankfully, there’s a solution that brings all three Newberry schools under the leadership of Newberry community leaders while ensuring an excellent education, increased teacher pay and the same great sports and activities we all love.

In April, parents and teachers of all three Newberry schools can vote “yes” to create our own Newberry “system” in partnership with the City of Newberry.

The process of creating our school system will convert each school to a public charter school. This change will ensure our kids get the great public education we know they deserve, maintain all state education standards and funding, and preserve our athletics and activities in the Panther way.

Tell your friends and neighbors, get involved in spreading the word and vote YES in April for your Newberry School’s public charter conversion initiative.

Yes Newberry